ABC's "Shark Tank" is about to get some competition in the American dream department.

Two new shows vow to highlight just what’s possible in America today, even while the Obama economy continues to fatten the food stamp rolls.

“Euros of Hollywood,” debuting Nov. 3 on Bravo, follows a group of Europeans eager to savor the American dream while living in Los Angeles. Cast members come from Sweden, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Albania.


The second show, “American Made,” is just starting production. The CNBC series is looking for “successful modern day millionaire stories, of those who have risen up from dirty jobs, labor intensive and traditionally blue-collar careers.”

The docu-series will celebrate “red, white and blue-collar success that comes from hard work, determination, and reaching for the American dream.”

If your life fits that description, apply at the show’s casting site for your reality show closeup.

While many films and TV shows portray capitalism in an unflattering light or focus on wealth disparities, these shows offer a positive take on the country’s economic potential via American dreamers.

photo credit: alexthompson via photopin cc