The Associated Press put out a stark article this week reminding readers President Barack Obama's new gun control measures wouldn't have stopped any of the recent mass shootings.

Comedian Stephen Colbert couldn’t agree more.

So did Colbert mock the Commander-in-Chief for meaningless measures? Just the opposite. He applauded Obama’s executive orders despite the fact that nothing is likely to change.

Imagine what the fake conservative Colbert would say about that?

“The Late Show” host dubbed the executive orders, which may be challenged in the court, “fiery hailstorm of gentle reminders.”

Will said firestorm make a difference? What difference does that make, he essentially shrugged. “The plan might not do anything,” he told his audience. But hey, at least Obama is “doing something, even if that something will do nothing. Maybe someday someone will do something that does anything. And that would be something.”


Over at “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah bent at the knees before carrying water for Obama as well.

“Something will get done, finally,” noted Noah before adding, “and also, ‘executive action’ sounds pretty cool.”

No mention of any abuse of power considerations behind the orders. Or why Obama didn’t put these new rules into effect during the first two years of his presidency when his party controlled both houses. Or, for that matter, why the allegedly most gifted orator of our age can never persuade the public or Congress to agree with his arguments.

Noah then went on to trash Fox News, proving you can take the Jon Stewart out of “The Daily Show” but how much has really changed? He said it’s a shame we have to call Fox News contributors “human beings.”