Netflix offers a documentary questioning the "truth" behind 9/11 as well as one eviscerating the conspiracy theories tied to the terrorist attacks.

The streaming giant showcases “Gas Land,” a documentary assailing the use of fracking as a energy source as well as “FrackNation,” which does just the opposite.


Look further, and you’ll find “Mitt,” an original Netflix documentary taking a fair look at the man who battled President Barack Obama for the White House in 2012.

Kirk Cameron’s faith-friendly “Unstoppable” is ready for your streaming consideration, as is “Jesus Camp,” which takes a critical look at a spiritual retreat.

“Occupy Unmasked” features the late Andrew Breitbart unearthing the core of the far-left movement and its enablers. “Occupy Love,” also on Netflix, begs to differ.

Netflix’s content offerings can appear sporadic, likely inspired by the deals necessary to bring each film and TV show into its ecosystem. Still, it’s fair to say the streaming company isn’t overtly favoring one political or cultural side over another. In today’s media place, that’s a benefit to its expanding customer base.