By now, everyone with a social media app knows Jon Stewart will be leaving Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" sometime before the end of the year.

Those who depend on mainstream news sites, though, likely came away with a less than accurate picture of Stewart’s tenure on the show. covered Stewart’s departure¬†without mentioning the comic’s political worldview. The site also explored how Stewart “defined an era” minus said worldview. followed the same pattern. published at least three stories connected to Stewart’s departure without so much as hinting at a certain word.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman actually used the proper word in his fawning tribute to Stewart, but only to describe his own reaction to a TV personality’s decision to quit a gig. The august publication’s main Stewart story ignored the world entirely.

Have you guessed it yet?


Stewart’s late night comedy came from a deliberate progressive mindset. It flavored everything he did, from screaming at Fox News to lobbing softballs at Democrat “stars” like Hillary Clinton. Sure, occasionally he’d rake President Barack Obama over the comic coals, but those were exceptions that proved the rule.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Stewart can do as he pleases. He often did it quite well when not relying on straw men or out-of-context quotes. Few carried the Left’s water as effectively as Stewart. He’ll be hard to replace from a partisan perspective, no doubt.

The media, however, always treated Stewart as if here were Walter Cronkite 2.0, but hipper and with better hair. They rarely applied the “liberal” tag to him, which turned his partisan attacks into fair and balanced critiques meant to sway the masses. And diminish conservatives in the process. That’s no accident.

Think liberal media bias is a problem with news outlets? It bleeds liberally, no pun intended, into entertainment coverage.¬†Consider how outlets treated Stewart’s big announcement as the latest example of media bias.