Phelim McAleer’s Haunting ‘October 7’ Ignored by Press

Provocateur's new verbatim theater show captures horror of Hamas atrocities

Here’s a tip for today’s journalists from Phelim McAleer.

If there’s a play in New York City about one of the most horrific days in recent memory it might be a story. If said play requires a police presence to keep the stars and audience safe, that’s your lede.

Tell it to the mainstream media. Reporters have collectively ignored “October 7: In Their Own Words,” McAleer’s new stage production about the Hamas attacks on Israel that killed 1,200 people.

A Google News search on the subject reveals coverage from right-leaning outlets like Fox News, Breitbart News, The New York Post and The Daily Mail.

The rest of the press? Crickets.

“It’s truly shocking that in 2024 a play about Israel is the only play that needs permanent police protection,” says McAleer, the driving force behind “Ferguson” and “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers.”

OCTOBER 7 Play - Revealing the Truth - To Open In New York

He says up to six police officers are on site for every show. Plus, the production hired additional armed security guards to ensure everyone’s safety.

McAleer reports audiences have been moved to tears by a play powered by interviews conducted with the survivors of the terrorist attacks.

It’s surprising no one has tried to shut the play down. Yet.

In recent weeks, several Jewish stars have seen their appearances canceled by pro-Palestinian activists, including Michael Rapaport, Brett Gelman and Matisyahu. Israeli singer Eden Golan had to hide in her hotel room during the recent Eurovision singing competition to keep her safe.

A recent “October 7” performance offered an added emotional jolt.

An Israeli woman named Shani, who was at the Nova music festival when Hamas terrorists swooped in from the sky on Oct. 7, attended the show. She survived by hiding in a field of thorns, and she later shared her harrowing tale with McAleer for the production.

Her appearance rocked the cast.

“All the actors were in tears,” McAleer says.


McAleer isn’t Jewish, and he didn’t know any of the people slaughtered by Hamas on Oct. 7. He still felt compelled to visit Israel after the attacks and interview the survivors. Their testimony, told via his verbatim theater approach, powers the production.

“It’s just journalism at the end of the day, another way of telling a story, a very important story, a very much ignored story,” he says. “Why on earth wouldn’t you want to write about this major historic event?”

The play runs through June 16, but that likely won’t be the last time to see “October 7.”

“We want to bring it to the Ivy League campuses in the Fall … [students] need to know the truth,” he says.

“October 7: In Their Own Words” is now playing at the Actors Temple Theatre in New York City. Visit for more information and how to donate to the production.


  1. It is truly astounding that the left always blathers on about inclusion, representation, compassion. But they immediately turn to hate and violence when they don’t get their way. And the corporate run media does what they are told by their democrat communist masters.

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