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Revealed: Kevin Sorbo Joins Dennis Quaid in ‘Reagan’

'God's Not Dead' star part of eagerly anticipated biopic of conservative hero

Hollywood finally honors its most famous alum in the most fitting way possible.

On the big screen.

“Reagan,” hitting theaters nationwide Aug. 30, stars Dennis Quaid as the nation’s 40th president. The cast includes Jon Voight, Nick Searcy (James Baker), Mena Suvari (Jane Wyman), Penelope Ann Miller (Nancy Reagan), Lesley-Anne Down (Margaret Thatcher), Robert Davi (Leonid Brezhnev) and more. 

We’ve seen TV-based projects tied to the Republican icon but never a feature film capturing the sweep of his life.

Until now.

REAGAN | Star Wars Sneak Peek Clip (2024 MOVIE) - Dennis Quaid

Kevin Sorbo, renowned for both “Hercules” and faith-based hits like “Let There Be Light,” co-stars as Ronald Reagan’s pastor, Ben Cleaver. 

The film promises an expansive look at the actor-turned-president.

From dusty small-town roots, to the glitter of Hollywood, and then on to commanding the world stage, “Reagan” is a cinematic experience that transcends the boundaries of a traditional biopic, offering a profound exploration of the enduring impact of the power of one man who overcame the odds, sustained by the love of a woman who supported him in his journey. Told through the voice of Viktor Petrovich, a former KGB agent whose life becomes inextricably linked with Ronald Reagan’s when Reagan first catches the Soviets’ attention as an actor in Hollywood, this film offers a perspective as unique as it is captivating.

HiT reached out to Sorbo to glean his thoughts on Quaid’s performance, the Gipper’s enduring appeal and what a movie like “Reagan” means to today’s youth.

HiT: You’ve done so much in your career, but I imagine being part of “REAGAN” means something special… can you share your thoughts on joining this project?

Sorbo: It most certainly is something very special. I am old enough to remember and miss Ronald Reagan — we miss his kind of leadership, and since I hold President Reagan in high esteem, it was a great honor to be cast in the film.

It’s a rare opportunity for any actor to be part of telling this story and to play a character that was so crucial in the formation of his character is an honor. In many ways, his pastor was a father to him, and Reagan almost married his daughter. It’s a small role, but it’s one of the most meaningful experiences of my career.

HiT: Did you learn anything about President Reagan or his legacy by being a part of the film that you didn’t know before? If so, what?

Sorbo: I learned about his childhood and the powerful influence of his mother and his preacher. They both instilled character and values in him, which is deeply compelling as portrayed in the movie. I was also fascinated with his time leading the Screen Actors Guild and our country. He certainly was a master negotiator as the SAG president and as America’s president.

HiT: Playing Reagan is a challenge for any actor. Bringing him to life for a biopic of this scope is another level entirely … thoughts on how Dennis Quaid became Reagan for the film?

Sorbo: I haven’t seen the final cut yet, but I have the utmost respect for Dennis and his performance in this role is stellar. He captures the man behind the public persona of the president.

His spot-on delivery of Reagan’s cadence and intonation will have audiences swept along with his portrayal. It’s a privilege to work with professionals like Dennis.

HiT: Today’s Gen Z and Millennials have no real grasp of Reagan’s presidency. What do you think they’ll come away with after seeing ‘Reagan?’

Sorbo: It’s such a critical part of American history since WW II, I wish it was more accurately taught in our public schools. History is vital for understanding and navigating our current moment, and my personal hope is this film will have a positive influence on the culture and that people will wake up, realize there is accurate information available to them, and go find it.

This picture could start them on that journey.

HiT: Why does a Reagan biopic matter in 2024?

Sorbo: It’s an important reminder that despite our major differences, we still have to work things out. We can’t let the enemies of America pit us against each other or they win.

We can’t let that happen.

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