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Kevin Hart, Theo Von Say the Obvious About President Biden

Apolitical comics share what the Media, late-night TV hosts cover up

President Joe Biden straddles two very different worlds.

In World One, the news media and pop culture alike ignore the 81-year-old’s mental decline. 

World Two acknowledges the obvious. The Commander in Chief lacks the cognitive ability to perform his duties.

The latter world is far smaller than the first, but it’s growing. Apolitical comedians Kevin Hart and Theo Von prove it.

“Don’t Burn This Book” author Dave Rubin brought up Hart’s recent comments on his “Rubin Report” video podcast.

Kevin Hart Is Aghast That Biden Got Away with Saying This

Hart recalled a President Biden speech during a podcast interview. He prefaced it by reminding listeners he prefers to stay out of the political arena.

The “Ride Along” star has mostly kept to that stance, unlike many of his comedy peers. Hart’s stand-up routine is almost entirely free of political gags, and he doesn’t get on a soapbox during election years.

He still had to share this one Biden anecdote.

“Biden goes, ‘I got something important I wanna say, and I want the whole world to hear it. I need everybody to listen right now,'” Hart recalled. “And he takes a beat and he goes, ‘mumble-mumble-mumble.’ Eh, forget it.’

“That’s the president of the United States,” Hart said, his tone reflecting concern for the world leader and the United States.

Social media teems with examples of President Biden looking lost or struggling to read his teleprompter. He also rarely holds press conferences. When he does, he often follows a tightly scripted blueprint involving pre-selected reporters.

We’ve seen the cheat sheets.

Fellow comedian Theo Von also referenced the president’s wobbly mental state. The “This Past Weekend” host dropped the funny stuff for a new Tweet tied to Biden’s decline.

His feisty final thought isn’t meant to be funny. It’s serious and sad.

Von followed up his comments with a short reply:

i agree. its sick to do to someone. its not a representation of who i think we are as a people.

Yet World One’s media apparatus pretends Biden is just fine, thank you.

Yes, journalists admit Biden tends to stumble more than your average person. Some even reported on the White House’s attempts to keep him from tripping up, which includes wearing sneakers more often and taking a shorter staircase to access Air Force One.

They refuse to report on his mental deterioration, something more and more Americans see. The same press went into overdrive when former President Donald Trump drank water in an awkward fashion a few years back.

Drinking problem: Trump has awkward water moment

Late-night comedians pretend Biden is fine, ignoring gaffe after gaffe while targeting Trump in every monologue.

“Saturday Night Live” similarly avoids that hard truth, standing squarely in World One. Yet occasionally the far-left showcase dips a toe in World Two.

Last season, “SNL” created a sketch hinting at Biden’s cognitive woes. Last weekend, the show’s “cold open” had the Faux Biden struggling to read the teleprompter. 

Biden Panda Cold Open - SNL

It shouldn’t take two comedians to tell citizens their president is suffering some form of dementia.

That’s what reporters should be doing.

Since many refuse to fulfill that basic task, we’re left to listen to apolitical comics state the obvious.


  1. Too little too late with some of the few finally saying something. It was obvious decades ago he wasnt playing with a full deck, so much that the legacy media took him to task and prevented him from winning the dem primary eons ago. They blasted him back then, only to embrace and run cover for him today.

  2. When leftists have infiltrated every institution in their “long march” towards their dystopian, totalitarian utopia, this is what you get.

    They have co-opted everything under the false premise of compassion, fairness and justice and turned the world into an insane asylum where they, the lunatics run it.

    The ends justify the means, and by any means necessary.

    And don’t you dare question them or they will grind you into dust.

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