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Jon Stewart Denies We’re Being Silenced. Here’s the Proof

'Daily Show' host pretends Biden, Big Tech censorship aren't a grim reality

Jon Stewart should know better.

He oversees a faux news show on Comedy Central based on real headlines. He’s been a cultural observer for the past two decades. Journalists fawn over every third monologue he shares on “The Daily Show.”

Yet his head remains in the sand. Or, more ominously, he knows the truth and doesn’t want his audience to learn it.

Which is worse?

How else to describe Stewart’s recent rant on Comedy Central regarding Cancel Culture?

“Because the idea that there is an all-pervasive, all-powerful threat to free speech called ‘cancel culture’ has become a central tenet of modern conservatism. They celebrate their being silenced at conferences. They celebrate their being silenced on podcasts and streaming outlets. They celebrate their being silenced with over 700 book titles about ‘being canceled’. Why are there so many of these f***ing books?”

Is he denying that conservatives are being canceled across the culture? Is he OK with some censorship, as long as we still can share select thoughts?

Shouldn’t a political satirist be better at debating?

Plus, he’s a comedian who requires free speech to ply his trade. Doesn’t he realize censorship’s ramifications for himself and the nation? 


Next, he flat-out lies to his small cable audience.

“We are not censored or silenced. We are surrounded by and inundated by more speech than has ever existed in the history of communication.”

That’s a cocktail of bull and spin. Yes, we have more ways to share speech than at any time in human history. Some of that speech is routinely canceled for dubious reasons, at best.

And consider the consequences.

Does Censorship Have a Death Count?

Think Hunter Biden’s laptop and its potential impact on the 2020 presidential election for one. The other? The censored views tied to COVID-19. This is life and death, folks.

Let’s put Stewart’s Cancel Culture misdirection aside for another day. Focus on Stewart’s claim that our speech remains free.

Wanna bet?

The last two items matter the most.

This is a very partial list. It took this reporter roughly ten minutes to compile it. Give someone a half hour, and you’d quadruple the examples.

Could Stewart not know some of this? Or, does he know and look away? His fellow liberals aren’t being silenced, after all.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

The Mark Twain Prize winner not only doesn’t care about free speech, he’s peddling the worst Fake News.

In 2004, Stewart famously scolded the hosts of CNN’s “Crossfire,” saying the show was “hurting America.” What would you call a political satirist covering for censorship in America?


  1. The panic from recent commencement speeches or cancelled speeches should be proof of censorship and cancel culture. The pro-Palestine protests and encampments should prove hate speech is coddled from the left.

  2. Stewart wasn’t funny twelve years ago when he was in his prime, he hasn’t aged well as wines do. His clapping seal audience is a hollywood sound track. The laughter comes from a room full of Cheech and Chong types pumped full of marijuana smoke. Jon Stewart is laughing all the way to the bank because they bought his NY apartment 3 mil over market and he left NY if what I’ve read is true. Jon did very well here. America and the rest of the not rich people, I don’t think they did “so good” ya know?

  3. He is a dickweed and you no the show was desperate to bring the old goat back that show is about as funny as SNL so a real snoozer.

  4. When someone argues for something that is demonstrably false, to the point of absurdity, that’s when you know it is pure propaganda. The answer, Christian, is number two: He knows and is lying through his teeth, and doing some canceling of his own.

    BTW, it isn’t just cancel *culture*, it’s also cancel “science”, (I give you all the COVID truth-tellers who were silenced, as well as anyone who knows that there are only two sexes).

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