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Joe Rogan Blasts Woke Colleges: ‘Cult Camps’

Spotify superstar, Tulsi Gabbard tag-team against academia's pro-Palestinian protesters

Stephen Colbert thinks so highly of the radical, oft-violent campus protesters that he chose them over law and order.

Not Joe Rogan.

The Spotify podcaster, along with guest Tulsi Gabbard, shredded the pro-Palestinian forces who are overtaking college campuses, beating Jews, destroying property and preventing university students from getting their overpriced education.

Rogan eviscerated the mob, and the woke institutions fueling them, on the latest episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Joe Rogan Experience #2143 - Tulsi Gabbard

Rogan started by referencing the chaos happening across the country. A porous border. Colleges in chaos. Crime and interest rates soaring.

Criminals going free. 

The list feels endless, and Rogan has been chronicling it for months. Now, he calls out the epicenter of it all – woke colleges.

“All the things that are in play right now, particularly with open borders and giving people plane tickets and flying them to all these different cities, If I was gonna try to destroy the country that’s how I would do it.

“I’d radicalize the kids. I’d give them the stupidest ideas and run them in their head. Boys can be girls, girls can be boys. Boys can compete against girls in sports if they think they’re a girl. Queers for Palestine. ‘Death to the Jews.’ Yell it out un-ironically on campuses. Have the presidents of those colleges and universities defend it, which was wild, with cameras on them.”

That references the Ivy League presidents who failed to call out the antisemitic hate on their respective campuses late last year during a Congressional hearing.

“It shows how afraid they are of actually calling out what is right and what is wrong,” Gabbard noted of their curious blend of smirks and arrogance.

“It shows how they live in a bubble, and I don’t think they interact with the real world. When they did the shock was probably horrifying just to realize how most people feel about what they said. ‘It’s not harassment unless it’s actionable.’ What the f*** are you saying? You’re saying, ‘Death to the Jews,’ but so you have to kill Jews, and then it’s harassment. Isn’t that a little late?” Rogan said.


The podcaster and comic then laid down the hammer.

“I think we’re sending our kids to cult camps. I think [students] get indoctrinated into this. Not all. Some of them skate through. Some of them are wise … some of them just get locked in, and then it becomes their identity. It’s dangerous,” he said. “Kids don’t wanna listen. If you have kids they don’t wanna listen, they wanna rebel… the whole thing is nuts.”

“There’s no consequences to your actions,” Gabbard said, alluding to how slowly universities reacted to students occupying their campuses.

“I’m glad some people are pulling funding [from colleges],” Rogan added. 


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