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Joe Rogan: Karine Jean-Pierre Is Worst Press Secretary … Ever

Rogan rails on Biden's spokesperson - 'she's f***ing terrible' at convincing people

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has it easier than her predecessors.

They often became comic foils for late-night hosts or “Saturday Night Live.”

Sometimes both.

Consider how satirists pounced and seized on President Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer after just a few short months in the gig.

Sean Spicer Press Conference (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL

Long Ties, Big Lies And Made Up Crowd Size: The Sean Spicer Story

Sarah Huckabee Sanders proved far more capable in the gig. She, too, got pummeled by satirical comics.

Huckabee in a Tree

Comedians won’t lay a glove on Jean-Pierre. That’s despite the way she constantly flips through her notes to answer basic questions. Her predecessor, Jen Psaki, proved far more competent.

One comedian noticed Jean-Pierre’s curious skill set, and his podcast is arguably the biggest show around.

The host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” teed off on the woman known as KJP on his latest episode. 

Joe Rogan Experience #2113 - Christopher Rufo

Rogan, chatting with conservative activist Christopher Rufo, explored the likely 2024 presidential rematch between Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The mind behind Austin’s Comedy Mothership club noted, once again, that Biden is too old to be campaigning for a second term.

“He’s so frail that he’s transparent … to the point where the White House Press Secretary accidentally Tweeted as him from her account,” Rogan said. “I love it when that happens because, thank you, I was wondering, now I know. I kinda had a feeling it was you.”

Joe Rogan to Karine Jean-Pierre: You Should Be Fired

The podcaster then went from the rhetorical kill.

“Has there ever been a worse press secretary [than Jean-Pierre]?” he asked. “How did she get that job? She’s so bad at convincing people.”

There’s a bunch of hard-core, ideologically driven left-wing pundits that are on YouTube that would do a much better job, and they would be psycho about it, and the Left would be like, ‘Yeah!’ She’s not the one. She’s f***ing terrible at it. She gets called out for stuff all the time. She gets set up for stuff all the time. Like [Fox News White House Correspondent] Peter Doocy is always setting her up.”

“And she’s only really challenged by one person in the briefing room, and she manages to bungle it up on the daily,” Rufo said.

“There’s so much madness she has to cover up,” Rogan said, partially defending her.


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