How Jimmy Dore Shatters the Liberal Comic Mold

Rebel comic skewers late night hosts, censorship and 'COVID Lies'

Jimmy Dore will never hop aboard the Trump train or don a MAGA hat.

The liberal satirist isn’t blind to the real estate mogul’s appeal, and he’s willing to risk his progressive bona fides to say so.

Again and again.

A quick listen to “The Jimmy Dore Show” is as bracing as anything in the media today. He’s a rock-ribbed liberal who will mock President Joe Biden one moment, then dub Trump a con man the next.

It’s all about nuance, context and the bigger picture of American power centers. And it’s why Dore is attracting a broad range of fans in the process.

Why Weren’t We Allowed To Question The Covid Vaccines?

Dore recalls his first time seeing comic legend George Carlin on stage. The icon’s audience had hippies, men in natty suits and everyone in between in the crowd. All ages. All laughing at Carlin’s razor-sharp wit.

Dore says his audiences reflect a similarly diverse crowd, but there are downsides to his take-no-prisoners approach.

“I’ve been slandered. People who’ve known me all of my life talk s*** about me on social media in the most despicable ways,” Dore told The Hollywood in Toto Podcast. “Hey, I’m getting used to it … that’s what happened when I wouldn’t vote for Hillary and that’s what happened when I debunked Russiagate from Day One.”

He’s similar to a certain ex-president, someone whose lack of filter can cause problems.

“That was a big appeal of Trump to a lot of people .. that’s the reason why the establishment doesn’t like him .. he told the truth about our foreign policy,” Dore said.

“What truth is that? The reason why we go to war,” he said, recalling some of Trump’s blunt answers while in the Oval Office. “They asked him, ‘why are you leaving troops in Syria’ and he said, ‘for the oil.’ You can’t do that … you’re giving the game away of our whole foreign policy.”

Dore’s ability to acknowledge Trump’s skills and expose his successor’s lack thereof attracts a surprising number of conservatives to his podcast.

“It makes me feel good that [conservatives] don’t see me as an enemy, and I don’t see them as an enemy. People who are conservative, also known as my neighbor and my mother-in-law,” said Dore, who exposed pandemic overreach in his comedy special “COVID Lies Are Funny.” “I’m not gonna hate people because we don’t agree politically. We all want the same things. We just have a different way of getting there.”

Dore explains why the Culture Wars matter, how late-night comedy got bought out by Big Pharma and so much more on The Hollywood in Toto Podcast.

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  1. Sorry, but Jimmy Dore is pushing the conspiracy theory that the FBI engineered the Jan 6 insurrection. That make him dangerous and a MAGA follower- it doesn’t matter if he is conservative or liberal at this point.

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