Few things make more sense than rebooting a beloved '80s movie.

It doesn’t always click with consumers. Just ask the suits behind “Fright Night,” the generic 2013 do-over of the 1985 classic.

So when Hollywood finally figured out a way to bring “Ghostbusters” back to the cineplex it seemed like a natural.

It was. For a while.

Now, the reboot is at the heart of the current culture wars. And would-be fans have slimed the film for a number of reasons, both sound and silly.

I discuss the situation, including word that Hillary Clinton will help promote the film this week on “Ellen,” during the weekly Hollyweird segment on “The Michael Brown Show.”

At “Mike Rosen at the Movies,” things got a bit … heated this week. Rosen and a caller clashed over “Money Monster,” the new anti-Wall Street thriller starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. We also discussed “Miles Ahead,” the new Miles Davis biopic which isn’t getting much love from the public.

That’s a shame, since star/director Don Cheadle scraps the standard biopic temple for a daring new model.

I proudly joined “HausRules” this week as a bi-weekly contributor. I’ll serve up movie reviews, commentary and the occasional streaming recommendation every other Thursday for those who prefer home-cooked popcorn.

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Finally, here’s my audio take on both “The Nice Guys” and “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” for WTOP radio in D.C.

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