We've come a long way since Abbott and Costello hit boot camp in "Buck Privates."

Hollywood joined the fight during World War II, enlisting everyone from Lou Costello to Bugs Bunny to rally the home front. Since then, the industry has often battled either U.S. Presidents (“Fahrenheit 9/11”) or the current wars engulfing the nation (“Redacted,” “Green Zone”).

Now, Secretary of State John Kerry wants Hollywood to help in the fight against ISIS. Will it work? And just what exactly does Secretary Kerry have in mind?

I examine Kerry’s outreach efforts, and how so many Latino stars are giving the cold shoulder to Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in this week’s Hollyweird segment with host Michael Brown.

Over at “Mike Rosen at the Movies,” the Denver radio legend and I review three very different movies. We start with the dating hijinks of “How to Be Single” before seguing to “Deadpool” and finally “The Finest Hours.

Photo by c.Lions Gate/Everett / Rex Features