Mo'Nique says her career hasn't changed since winning an Oscar two years ago for "Precious." In fact, her Hollywood reputation apparently took a hit as a result.

The comedienne turned actress tells The Hollywood Reporter that she isn’t exactly flooded with film offers since hoisting the gleaming statuette in 2013. She says by not “playing the game,” Hollywood speak for not following all the Oscar campaign by-laws, she appeared unpredictable in the eyes of her peers.

For Mo’Nique, it was an honor to be nominated. Winning, though, was another story.

She still has a rare statuette in her possession, which she can hold high while watching this weekend’s Oscars telecast.

In other entertainment news …

A complex metric analysis reveals that “American Sniper” will win the Best Picture Oscar come Sunday night. Michael Moore loads up a tweet on his Buffer App saying mathematicians are cowards.

Charlie Sheen almost makes a final appearance on “Two and a Half Men’s” final episode. His agent says the show’s shooting time clashed with Sheen’s weekly tiger blood transfusion.

USA Today calls our first look at movie’s new AquamanAqua-Awesome.” The article was quickly shipped to The Newseum for its upcoming Lamest Headlines of 2015 exhibit.

… That “American Sniper” fake baby is in the news again. The latest report means the subject already has been covered more diligently than President Obama’s┬ácollege days.

E.L. James wants creative control of the second “Fifty Shades of Grey” feature. Reports say the author specifically wants final cut over the number of times Anastasia Steele blushes.

… Production on the fifth “Mission: Impossible” film stalled until the creative team can come up with a satisfactory finale. Crew members from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise rushed to Twitter to lend their support, saying they often didn’t have a satisfactory middle or end to their sequels.