Anne Hathaway took those "Hatha-haters" to heart, apparently.

The “Les Miserables” star says her rise to stardom came with a cost.

“This fame thing? [Expletive]ed me up for a really long time,”

By “really long time,” she meant so long she forget her way to Letterman’s desk temporarily.

… Lady Gaga teams with 88-year-old Tony Bennett, tops Billboard charts. Awkward moment in the recording studio when she asked Bennett where he kept his meat tuxedo.

… The “Twilight” saga returns, sort of, with a new short film competition aimed at fledgling female directors. Taylor Lautner auditions for role in the new mini-films, is told, “good luck” and quickly rushed off the stage.

Jimmy Kimmel called “most dangerous celebrity” thanks to the viruses found on sites with his videos attached. In a related list, Carrot Top named “most dangerous comedian to be compared to.”

Adam Sandler inks deal with Netflix to bring four original movies to the streaming service. Rob Schneider decides to order that second milkshake after all.

… USA Today resorts to cheapest click bait headline ever to promote a non-story about Katherine Heigl. Journalists outraged, complaining story doesn’t distract voters from Obama’s poll numbers enough.

Dwayne Johnson attached to “Baywatch movie project. Teen boys eager to revisit the show’s jiggling pectoral shots will be sorely disappointed.

Michael Caine admits he takes roles for two simple reasons — to earn an Oscar or to grab a paycheck. He forgot a third reason, to give material to Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan.