The minds behind the upcoming Showtime series "The Brink" want us to know no one will be offended by the political thriller.


The series details a scenario that puts us close to World War III, a moment including Pakistani characters depicted with the utmost of care.

Key cast members as well as “The Brink’s” executive producer, Jerry Weintraub, told reporters this week that the production hired cultural experts to make sure its content won’t upset viewers in Pakistan.

The show went further, relegating its satirical elements to the “broader” political targets while showing both Pakistan and Pakistani characters with more sensitivity.

In other entertainment news:

Tina Fey says jokes about Bill Cosby and the allegations he sexually assaulted a number of women are fair game during her Golden Globes monologue Sunday. She predicted a bit involving Roman Polanski will bring the house down.

Elvis Presley’s first record sold for $300,000 this week. Kanye West’s fans chimed in via social media, asking if Presley was a member of One Direction or something.

Aubrey Plaza, 30, will play the love interest for Robert De Niro, 71, in a new comedy. When asked for comment, Russell Crowe said it’s good to see an actress give up on the ingenue roles.

… A new study says millennials prefer Netflix to cable TV. The cable industry responded forcefully to the news, telling employees to only hassle customers for 12 minutes per service call now.

USA Today chastises “Into the Woods” for its lack of diversity. When pressed, the film’s producers said having the chameleon-like Meryl Streep in the cast was almost like having a dozen different nationalities on set.

Bill Maher will be back for not one but two more seasons of his HBO talk show. Part of the new deal requires Ben Affleck to be kept at least 1,000 feet from the studio.

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