The day is finally here -- our first look at "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

The tease is but 88 seconds long, an unfortunate number in movie terms. After all, the very worst movie of Al Pacino’s career, and we’re including “Jack and Jill” in that equation, remains his 2007 thriller “88 Minutes.”

In other entertainment news …

… “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” draws huge ratings. TV executives rush to sign prematurely balding children to six-figure deals.

James Cameron promises audiences will [expletive] themselves while watching his “Avatar” sequels. That should go nicely with the smell of the first “Avatar” film’s script.

Burt Reynolds is selling off personal items reportedly to deal with money woes. Ned Beatty decides to put his “Deliverance” trousers on eBay but finds no takers.

Katey Sagal signs on for “The Bastard Executioner,” a medieval drama from her husband, “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter. Sagal’s one diva demand – she gets to keep her Gemma highlights.

… The latest “Paranormal Activity” sequel may hit theaters in 3D. The studio behind the project vows those ceiling fans, doors and table lamps will look like they’re just 5 feet from the first row of theater seats when they slowly start moving.

… The long-delayed “Independence Day” sequel is a go with Roland Emmerich set to return as director, with a script written with Will Smith’s character involved and one without. What a waste of two cocktail napkins.

Christian Bale says Moses, who he plays in “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” would be attacked by drones if he lived today. The film’s marketers throw up their hands and start drinking every time Bale or director Ridley Scott says something to anger Christian audiences.