The biggest mystery this year isn't why "The Martian" won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy.

It’s what films will make noise next month when they start handing out Oscar trophies.

Sunday night’s Golden Globes telecast likely gave some focus to the awards season race. Movies like “Room” and “The Revenant” collected a few honors. It’s still obvious no one movie will sweep the Academy Awards come Feb. 28.

Here’s a full list of the Golden Globe winners.

The Denver Film Critics Society unveiled its awards lineup earlier today. [Note: this critic is co-chair of the Colo.-based group]

“Spotlight” earned the DFCS’s top honor (along with Best Original Screenplay). The only other film to win more than one award was “Mad Max: Fury Road” (Best Director for George Miller, Best Visual Effects).

Can the Academy truly honor a big, noisy blockbuster like “Mad Max: Fury Road?” Will perennial Oscar favorites like Danny Boyle (“Steve Jobs”) and Quentin Tarantino (“The Hateful Eight”) overcome their films’ serious flaws? Will voters even deliver 10 Best Picture nominations this year?

The one star who should work on his acceptance speech is Sylvester Stallone. The once and future Rocky Balboa did more than woo the DFCS with his work in “Creed.” He inspired a standing ovation at the Globes Sunday while accepting the Best Supporting Actor honors.

Stallone forgot to thank “Creed” director Ryan Coogler, a genuine faux pas given the director’s exemplary work. Will the social justice warriors blame that on race or realize actors often fumble their speeches in the rush to thank everyone that matters?


The bigger question remains: Will anyone be watching the 88th Oscars telecast? The show’s ratings have been trending downward in recent years. Blame the boring presentation, the overt liberal politicization by the presenters or how often blockbusters are ignored by Academy voters.

Sunday’s Golden Globes telecast fell by double digits according to the overnight ratings results. That hardly portends a “Rocky” style Oscar comeback.