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Five Times August Shames Rockers for COVID Cowardice

'Ain't No Rock and Roll' targets Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and many more

Rolling Stone magazine went to war with rock legends Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.


The musicians spoke out against vaccine mandates and endless lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. For those opinions, the once-mighty music magazine excoriated them.

And Rolling Stone wasn’t alone.

Not only did most media outlets do the same, other big-name musicians genuflected to government-led measures with dubious benefits.

The rock rebels of yore did what they were told. Neil Young waged a public war with Spotify superstar Joe Rogan for daring to share alternate views on his podcast. Others insisted concert goers get the COVID-19 vaccine or stay home.

Five Times August has a message for the artists who toed the dictatorial line.

That “Ain’t No Rock and Roll.”

The new song slams singers for refusing to question authoritarian groupthink. They did as told, and many made their fans do the same.

“The blues has lost its soul, all the punks gave the man control, and every pop star’s bought and sold”

Brad Skistimas, the musician behind Five Times August, says the song is his response to “musical heroes who let me down.” They either stayed silent or promoted “Big Pharma”-style messaging to their loyal fans, he argues.

“There was never a greater time to speak up ‘against the man’ but with very-very-VERY few exceptions, like Van Morrison or Clapton, practically none of them did. So, I’m holding them to it,” Skistimas says.

“There ain’t no Joni no Bob, no one stuck around for their protest job”

One rock icon’s acquiescence stung him the most … the ex-Beatle known to many as Macca, Paul McCartney. The singer/songwriter shared the ubiquitous “Be cool, get vax’d” message pushed across the culture during the pandemic.

COVID-19 vaccines made the most sense for older citizens or those with compromised immune systems. Others were either young or healthy enough to fight off the virus, while a subset of vaccine recipients suffered side effects from the vaccine.

Many Americans lost their jobs for not getting “the jab,” regardless of their health histories.

“[McCartney is] the biggest musical influence of my life, but that wasn’t cool at all. It was wrong. ‘Be cool, get vaxed.’ — That’s not informed consent. That’s not ‘listening to the experts.’ That’s not rock and roll — it’s “Do what the government says or you’re not in the special club,’” Skistimas says. “It’s the very antithesis of the rock rebel spirit.”

“There ain’t no Boss no Queen, never was a rage against the damn machine.”

The new track comes from Baste Records, a woke-free music label focusing on freedom-friendly acts like Chad Prather and Five Times August. The new company, according to its web site, is “a harbinger of the counter culture to cancel culture.”

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