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Colbert: Biden a ‘Great President’ Without a Brain

Far-left host shreds 'ancient' leader, shoves him toward the exit

Stephen Colbert needed a stiff drink to pull off Monday’s monologue. Literally.

Why? The “comedian” spent years pretending President Joe Biden wasn’t battling some version of dementia.

When the June 27 presidential debate removed any doubt the Commander in Chief’s brain no longer worked properly it left Colbert no choice.

Tell the truth. Or at least his version of it during his first monologue since the debate.

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Colbert began by pretending to grab a drink with trembling hands.

He then played a montage of Democratic operatives calling President Biden a “great president.”

“Yes, that! Ditto,” said Colbert of a leader whose approval ratings were basement low prior to the debate.

Then the far-Left comic addressed the elephant in the room. Biden’s brain.

“I don’t know what’s going on in Joe Biden’s mind, something I apparently have in common with Joe Biden,” he quipped.

He briefly slammed Donald Trump’s debate performance as “90 minutes of lies, racism and weird golf brags” before returning to Biden.

Yes, suddenly, the late-night host spoke some truth to power about the president, not the other guy.


“Biden debated as well as Abe Lincoln … if you dug him up right now,” he said before shredding the White House spin on Biden’s terrible, awful debate performance as being due to a cold. He had the kind of cold “where your voice gets hoarse and your brain explodes.”

“I guess you could say he’s … Sleepy Joe,” he added, referencing Trump’s nickname for Biden with a comical wince.

On and on it went, as if Colbert hadn’t pretended all was well in Biden land up until five minutes ago. No apologies. No self-reflection.


Colbert mentioned that he met Biden for that March fundraiser and found him “ancient but cogent.”

Really? Biden disassembled in just three months? What about the endless clips we’ve seen of Biden melting down before our eyes over the past three years?

“Our politics have become so weird I don’t know what the right thing to do here?” he said, as though “telling truthful jokes” weren’t an option.

He capped the monologue by suggesting Biden try some self-sacrifice and step down before a second Trump presidency arrives.

“It is possible handing leadership to a younger generation is the right thing … for the greater goodest,” he said, mocking Biden for using that term in his ABC interview last week.

Translation? I can no longer cover for your broken brain.


  1. Biden’s blank expression is the best part of the debate. Hilarious the late night comedians can finally crack a joke about Biden. Finally!!!

  2. I do not believe that Colbert found Biden cogent in March. I have seen Biden before the 2020 election and he was not mentally there. During the 2020 campaign they kept him in the basement and only let him out rarely to small controlled groups. The Dems and MSM have always kept Biden in short interviews with planned questions. Biden usually has teleprompters so he can read what he is suppose to say, but he often will say even the lines such as “end of speach.”

    It is clear from the debate with Trump that Biden is mentally gone. VP Harris should use the cabinet and invoke the 25th Amendment and replace Biden as President.

  3. I wish someone would explain to me two things:

    1. What are these “lies” that they’re claiming Trump told during the debate?

    I grant that Trump is grandiose and bombastic at the expense of literal accuracy: If he claims inflation has risen 100,000% under Biden, it’s gonna mean that inflation is really high, but it won’t mean literally a hundred-thousand-percent. It’ll be directionally but not literally true. When listening to Trump, I price that in: It’s part of the genre of what Trump says.

    But for Trump to be “lying” he’d have had to say something which (a.) isn’t even directionally true; (b.) is not an open matter of dispute which some people hold true and others hold false, but something which everyone agrees is false; and (c.) Trump knows it isn’t true, but opted to state it anyway.

    I’m not sure what that’d be. Reviewing the debate, I’m unaware of anything matching (a.), (b.), and (c.).

    But, I’ll bet that left-wing observers have a list of things they think he’s lying about. I just don’t have a clue what’s ON that list. Someone enlighten me?

    2. Upon what basis does anyone claim Biden has been a good president?

    Presidents do seven things: (a.) make judicial nominations; (b.) make staff and cabinet choices and empower them to implement policy within the Federal bureaucracy, especially the executive departments; (c.) propose policies from the “bully pulpit” on the basis that those policies will make things better; (d.) sign into law legislation passed by Congress, on the basis that that legislation will make things better; (e.) set policy in relation to foreign affairs; (f.) act as commander-in-chief of the armed forces; (g.) act as the head of law-enforcement, border security, etc. at the Federal level.

    That’s it. Which of these things has Biden done well?
    (a.) His judicial picks are leftist, which is the last thing we need from judges;
    (b.) The executive department policies have generally been negative except where they maintained the policies of his predecessor, and some of his staff are have been specifically selected for being embarrassingly, gratuitously insane (e.g. Rachel Levine, Sam Binton);
    (c.) He’s largely been in favor of the wrong thing on nearly every topic, from the bully pulpit, and nowhere more notably than on the size and targeting of the stimulus packages which represent a large percentage of our current inflation woes;
    (d.) I’m not aware of any good legislation he’s signed, or bad legislation he’s vetoed;
    (e.) His foreign-policy, from Afghanistan to Gaza to Iran, is 110% nonstop debacle, and his weakness is certainly part of the reason Putin re-invaded Ukraine when he did (though, admittedly, it isn’t all the reason);
    (f.) He’s approved imposing woke-ness on the military; and,
    (g.) The border. Ye gods, the border. When your own Border Agents are in open rebellion against your administration on social media, you know you’re doin’ it wrong.

    So, those are the things presidents can do; and those are all things in which Biden has been regularly sub-par.

    Where, again, is the “greatness?”

    I’ll bet that left-wingers observers have a list of things they think he’s done well. Surely the leftist judicial nominees and the wokifying of public institutions are things they think “great”; I just don’t agree.

    But what else? The stimulus overshoot and resulting inflation seems obviously a blunder. The Afghanistan pullout seems obviously to have been botched. The coddling of antisemites and the backstabbing of Israel seems obviously evil. The failure to deter the Ukraine invasion seems obviously weak. The border-collapse has obviously gotten totally out-of-hand.

    Are they saying he’s “great” because they have a list of his accomplishments (?), and the list is so long that it somehow outweighs…that huge, rancid, stinking pile of FAIL?

    What could they POSSIBLY have in mind, to justify their claim?

    Someone please tell me?

    1. The degenerate liberals HAVE to lie, cheat and steal to get anywhere otherwise no one will fall for their pure bullshit.
      They call everyone and anyone homophobes, bigots, fascists and the good ole racist who dares to disagree with them and their psychosis.
      They are abnormal and they know this so they project their sheer insanity to all around them.
      This is why, R.C.

  4. All of this equates to support for Trump. Keep up the great work, Colbert, King et al.

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