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Chazz Palminteri on Illegal Immigration: ‘This Has Gotta End’

'A Bronx Tale' star slams two-party system, raging crime rates and much more

Hollywood teems with politically active stars, from Rob Reiner to Bette Midler.

Actor/director Chazz Palminteri doesn’t belong to that group.

The film and stage veteran doesn’t weigh in on partisan matters. He focuses on his decades-long career, spanning his 1993 film “A Bronx Tale” to lighter work on ABC’s “Modern Family.”

Now, he’s had enough following wave after wave of illegal immigration flooding the country.

“I don’t talk politics, but they’re bringing me into this,” Palminteri said on the most recent episode of “The Chazz Palminteri Show.”

What Happened to NYC? | Chazz Palminteri Show | EP 164

The video podcast showed a TikTok video where a Hispanic male, presumably an illegal immigrant, brags about not having to work since the U.S. government pays for him and his daughter’s lifestyle.

“I can’t take it anymore,” the actor fumed. “Am I f***ing crazy? If I am, please f***ing tell me … he’s laughing in our face.”

Next, the TikTok poster asks people to bail out a 15-year-old Venezuelan illegal immigrant who shot at New York City police officers. He appears to be referring to a February incident involving a teen opening fire, hitting a civilian and missing several Big Apple cops.

“Are we all stupid? Are we all crazy? This has gotta end,” Palminteri said, rubbing his face in frustration.

“Talk about Social Security and welfare. We talk about Medicare, and that it’s all gonna be gone by 2030. All you gotta do is stop paying all these illegals coming in and put it in that pot … where the Americans are,” he said. “Don’t you realize there are people in this world who have to have welfare, and that’s how they survive?”


The actor insisted he’s trying to stay above the political fray.

“I’m an independent, common-sense voter. I’m not a Democrat, I’m not a Republican,” he said. “I believe these two parties just look out for themselves. Who looks out for us?”

He praised former President Bill Clinton but noted he would be chased out of government in 2024 for being too conservative. Next, he noted that even President Barack Obama aggressively deported illegal immigrants.


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An off-screen voice asked the actor why the borders remain wide open.

“[Illegal immigrants are] getting green cards. They’re getting licenses. Sooner or later they’ll be able to vote. [The government] is buying votes. What else could it be?” he said.

“Why do [politicians] want to keep us down? Why? Why do they wanna keep us fighting amongst ourselves? Why?” he asked, at one point noting how the media often lies to American citizens. “If they fix the homeless [problem] they won’t have a job,” he said of today’s legislators. “That’s what I believe. I really do.”

Palminteri then segued to his hometown and how far it has fallen in recent years.

“New York, the greatest city in the world. I love New York. Do you see it now? I see people taking a s*** in the street,” he said, recalling an incident in a “good neighborhood” around 61st and Madison.

“Can somebody get New York in order? I thought Mayor [Eric] Adams was gonna do it. I believe in him. He’s an ex-cop. I voted for him,” said Palminteri, who also mocked the Defund the Police movement. “But I think his hands are tied.”

The star didn’t want to slam immigration or the people who come to America seeking a better life.

“It’s O.K. to be an immigrant. Come to this country the right way so we can vet you properly and know who you are. Because this is gonna come home to roost, mark my words. I pray that there’s not another 9/11 or another tragedy…”

The video podcast served up more stories and statistics to illustrate how illegal immigrants are given financial support from the government. That’s often above and beyond what the average citizen receives.

“We created people who are dependent on the government, and that’s what the government wants,” he said.


  1. Always refreshing hearing actors w brains; that said, all I keep thinking is, “did you touch my ass?”

  2. Democrats want to go Socialist/Marxist and should be reminded that Socialism is 0-41 as of to date. Name on place Socialism has been successful…….I will wait.

  3. Good on Chaz. the 2 party system is especially bad when one party starts expressing hatred for the country and its borders.

  4. Sometimes it is “I don’t know”

    Take NYC…the Big Apple…from the Bronx to Staten Island…to the east Long Island including Kings & Queens

    When you have friends who died in 9/11…

    What do we do…We Pray accordingly to the Gospel? Does not God say he wants you to be like the 300? So you know who saved you.

    1. Martial Law is the only answer now and 10PM curfews along with mass deportations and going right into schools and businesses like the BP used to do to get the illegals..

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