The 2015 film season promises a new "Star Wars" saga, an "Avengers" sequel and a "Jurassic" reboot.

It might not be enough to stop the current box office slide when you consider the latest research from SNL Kagan.

The company released a new report today saying Americans spent nearly as much on smartphone and tablet entertainment as they did in movie tickets last year. According to SNL Kagan, mobile entertainment generated $9.14 billion in revenue in 2014, compared to the roughly $10 billion brought in by movies annually.

Games are leading the charge, generating more than $5 billion last year alone.

Those figures, combined with the quality of current television programming, suggest the feature film business is in trouble. Yes, movies like “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Jurassic World” may yield healthy box office results, but consumers are becoming more enamored with digital entertainment they don’t need a movie theater to enjoy.

The end result? Theaters may have to get creative to lure audiences into their seats. Or, Hollywood must up its game to compete with the new mobile wave.