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Ben Shapiro – Conservative Pundit, Author … Rapper? (UPDATED)

Daily Wire's co-founder raps with Tom MacDonald on blistering 'Facts' track

Rappers used to defy authority from dawn ’til dusk.

They boasted about their sexual conquests, skewered the status quo and challenged authority at every turn. They were as dangerous as rock stars, rebellious to the core. Now, old-school rappers like Snoop Dogg and Ice-T star in mainstream TV shows and films.

The Underdoggs - Official Trailer | Prime Video

The most subversive rapper today might be Tom MacDonald.

He’s unapologetically white and loathes the Left’s divisive nature. That alone makes him radioactive in polite music circles. Media outlets mostly ignore his career triumphs, pretending his self-made success isn’t newsworthy.

It is.

Now, MacDonald is out with a fresh track featuring a pundit whose very presence triggers college students.

Ben Shapiro.


Shapiro is the co-founder of The Daily Wire and host of the hugely popular “The Ben Shapiro Show.” He’s sober and square, the furthest thing from a gangsta rapper. His humorous takedown of the X-rated “WAP” song went viral on the Left and the Right for different reasons in 2020.

He’s the least obvious choice to team with MacDonald for a rap song. Perhaps that’s why they made it happen.

"Facts" - Tom MacDonald (feat. Ben Shapiro)

“Facts,” a riff on Shapiro’s classic line, “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” went live on YouTube earlier today. The song features a hooded Shapiro rapping along as MacDonald hits familiar themes about Identity Politics, the media and more.

I’m not ashamed because I’m white
If every Caucasian’s a bigot, I guess every muslim’s a terrorist, every liberal is right

The song’s “pre-chorus” offers a very un-gangsta rap theme. And that’s likely the point.

This ain’t rap, this ain’t money cars and clothes
We ain’t selling drugs, we ain’t gonna overdose
We ain’t pushing guns, ain’t promoting stripper poles
We won’t turn your sons into thugs or your daughters into hoes

Shapiro’s rap references his “WAP” critique, his Jewish heritage and more.

Let’s look at the stats, I’ve got the facts
My money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat
Homie, I’m epic, don’t be a WAP
Dog it’s a yamaka, homie, no cap
Look at the graphs, look at my charts
You’re blowin’ money on strippers and cars
You’re going to prison, I’m on television, dog
No one knows who you are
Keep hating on me on the internet, my comments section all woke Karens
Now I make racks off compound interests, ya’ll live with your parents
Nicki take some notes, I just did this for fun
All my people, download this, let’s get a billboard #1

Chances are, “Facts” will hit that top spot if their combined fan bases have anything to say about it.

UPDATE: That didn’t take long:

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