There's plenty of debate over the faithful elements in "Unbroken."

Did director Angelina Jolie truly capture Louis Zamperini’s faith in the movie? Should “Unbroken” have gone deeper into its subject’s spiritual transformation? Or, did Jolie truly take into account the late Zamperini’s wish to soft pedal the story’s spiritual elements?

What’s undeniable is how Jolie is treating faith during her promotional efforts behind the film – with respect and class.

Jolie is the first to admit she doesn’t share Zamperini’s faith to the letter. The Oscar winner’s spiritual side appears more nebulous, less by the book. That hasn’t impacted how she respected Zamperini’s belief system, something that comes through loud and clear in her public comments.

Here’s Jolie teasing readers on her own beliefs, a fair representation of the interviews she’s given on the subject:

‘I don’t know if there’s a name for that – religion or faith – just that there’s something greater than all of us, and it’s uniting and beautiful.’

Now, compare that approach to how director Ridley Scott and Christian Bale treated their faith-based project “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

Scott told a reporter Moses would be hunted down like a terrorist today. Bale went a step further, saying Moses was both “barbaric” and “schizophrenic.”

“Exodus,” with a star-filled cast and a large budget, opened with a modest $24 million box office haul and quickly headed south. “Unbroken,” which opened Christmas Day against strong competition and without a single recognizable star, earned $62.5 million in its first week of release.

DID YOU KNOW: As a teen, Angelina Jolie appeared in several music videos for acts like The Lemonheads and Lenny Kravitz.