There's a new Nicolas Cage movie coming next month. You've been warned.

Now, it’s easy to be snarky about Cage’s recent output. He’s earned it, frankly, skipping from one low-budget mess to the next while ignoring his well of talent. The brickbats thrown at last year’s “Left Behind” rebot might have been the worst of Cage’s career, no small feat.

He’ll always be H.I. McDunnough to this critic, the repeat offender who snatched a baby in “Raising Arizona” because the couple in question had more than they could handle. And he can still uncork a terrific performance, witness his work in 2013’s indie gem “Joe.”

Still, a look at the trailer for “Outcast,” hitting theaters Feb. 6, brings the following thoughts to mind:


  1. Part-Time Cage Match: Co-star Hayden Christensen of “Star Wars” fame gets top billing in the trailer, an inconceivable slight given Cage’s resume, warts and all. Cage even shows up late, leaving his co-star to snag the coolest sword tricks. It may be a sign Cage is but a supporting player in the production, albeit one who won’t go quietly.
  2. Hayden Missed George Lucas’ Hair Tricks: Christensen sported a futuristic rat tail in “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.” Now, he’s shaved part of his head for “Outcast.” Clearly, he’s missing the hairstyle shenanigans from his old gig.
  3. It’s Scenery Chewing Cage: The “National Treasure” star can assume a subtle acting style when the film demands it. But genre work inspires him to let his cockroach eating flag fly. Listen to his cackle in the middle of the “Outcast” trailer and know that’s what you’ll get here.
  4. Clunky Dialogue Is Ageless: If there’s one thing period actions films have taught us, it’s that tin-eared dialogue is as old as time itself.
  5. All Together Now … They’ve Got ‘High Hopes’: Much like HBO greenlighting new episodes of “Girls” before counting those pesky ratings, plans are already underway for an “Outcast” sequel. So, assuming Cage’s character survives the film’s many battles, he’ll be gainfully employed at least one more time.